Why register a work?

Registering a work of art allows you to certify its authenticity to third parties and to possible forgeries.

In addition, by registering your Gloria Ferrer artwork, you will become part of our exclusive collector community.

Collector's role

Being part of the community of collectors of the work of Gloria Ferrer opens the door to attend various events: private vernissages in the studio of the artist, artistic meetings, and to receive invitations to attend different exhibitions and / or art fairs.

The collector, as the owner of the work, is not bound to anything. However, those collectors who like to play a more active role and have no qualms about sharing their work with third parties, there is the possibility of participating in exhibitions, either from anonymity or referring to the collection during the exhibition.

How to register a work?

If you have purchased the work through this website you should not do anything.

If you have a certificate of authenticity of your work, just send us a copy of it by email. At that time we will contact you to update your information.

If you have purchased the work and do not have a certificate of authenticity, you can go to the art gallery where you purchased the work or follow the instructions in the certificate of authenticity section.