To guarantee that the works do not suffer damages in the transportation process, as a general rule, oil paintings, margules, watercolors and terracottas may be collected by the client in an art gallery, who will check the status of the work before it is delivered.

The client may also contract the collection of the work at his own risk. In this case, will take care that the package goes in good security conditions, but is not responsible for the damages that the package may suffer during the shipment.

In the case of drawings, catalogs and other minor pieces, the shipment may be carried out with due protection to the address indicated by the customer through a conventional transport company.

Delivery deadlines

The work of Gloria Ferrer can be part of the permanent representation of the artist in a gallery, be temporarily displayed in a fair or exhibition, or belong to a collector who wants to sell it.

In the case of shipments outside Spain of works of Gloria Ferrer, the Ministry of Culture of Spain, through its Cultural Heritage service, has preference of acquisition of the work of the work against foreign buyers, so the client must Wait for our confirmation that you can acquire the piece you want. During this period, will reserve the work on behalf of the interested client, agreeing not to sell it to a third party that is not the Ministry of Culture of Spain and / or a Department dependent on it.

These issues imply that each client will be informed of the delivery time of each particular work.